This is the EarleWheels studio. The tools were all bought for myself, and represent what is required to get the job done right.
This is the EarleWheels studio. The tools were all bought for myself, and represent what is required to get the job done right.

If you are a hobbyist who wants to take home mechanics to the next level, or a shop mechanic who wants to master the craft of building wheels, my classes fit you.

I have the teaching experience and patience to guide a beginner from gathering parts to completing a really good pair of wheels. Experienced builders leave my class with two pairs of complete wheels, the second of which will be the best pair they have ever built.

More important than the quality of class-built wheels is the background knowledge of what made the wheels so good, and how to do it again.

My class includes a textbook and written lessons custom tailored to your specific project. The lessons and text will give you the background you need to understand my hands-on process. There is homework that is designed for your understanding and success. I encourage questions, both in the online phase of the class and especially during in-person sessions.

For individuals or small groups, the best way to take the class is to come to my studio in Whitewater, Wisconsin. My teaching studio is an airy three-season porch with access to all of the wheel tools I use on my custom wheels. In addition to the class time, students also get the opportunity to ride some of Wisconsin’s scenic back roads. The classes are available from mid-April to late fall, depending on the weather.

I will also travel to teach classes. Depending on the distance, I need groups of four to ten students.

I am also offering a “Train the Trainer” class in conjunction with group classes. For this, I do more intensive correspondence in advance of the class to make sure that the trainer fully understands my curriculum. The first hands-on session is with the trainer alone, to confirm that the trainer will teach a class in the same spirit as I teach it. For the next sessions, the trainer conducts a group class, with me observing and answering questions from either the trainer or the students when necessary.

I will gladly work with bicycle shops or community organizations to arrange classes and work space. I anticipate having one class in 2017 and as many as four in 2018.

Class Schedule

My available weeks are scheduled Wednesday through Tuesday. Classes in Whitewater run Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Out of town classes are negotiable within the available weeks. Here are the next 12 weeks that classes will be available. Please contact me via email to confirm date and format.

Open weeks:
·         April – 5,12 & 26
·         May – 17, 24
·         June – 7, 14, 21, 28
·         July – 19, 26
·         August – 9