I have loved bicycles since I was in elementary school, and worked on them professionally through much of my twenties and early thirties, at a time when most replacement alloy-rimmed wheels and any higher end wheels were hand built in the shop.

I learned from some old-time experts and other mechanics who were my contemporaries, but building a lot of wheels. I became a student of wheel building and eventually a teacher of wheel building. As each new book on the craft appeared, I read it cover-to-cover. I applied the lessons to the wheels I was building, and looked for ways to make the job easier or give better results.

In the course of my blog, I will expand on my philosophy, but main thrust in the bicycle business is “Bikes for the Rest of Us.” I group cyclists into two categories, high-budget racers and the rest of us. Because the highest profile and profits are from the high-budget racers or their imitators, a lot of times the rest of us have trouble finding bikes that fit our needs. Suitable wheels are my specialty. I believe that wheels for the rest of us can be light, sturdy, serviceable and actually economical. See My Wheels

Through my Website, a home-based specialty business, I offer high-end alloy wheel building services and instruction. I offer the instruction in my Whitewater, Wisconsin, studio, and I will travel to teach classes where there are enough students or the class is in conjunction to an event I am already attending.

Please feel free to email me with your questions.