Curtis Odom Clubman hubs, before they're built into custom wheels.
Curtis Odom Clubman hubs, before they’re built into custom wheels.

Expert wheel building for classic and modern bicycles.

For about forty years now, there has been a spreading rift between serious racing bicycles and bicycles for the rest of us. Where once, a professional racing bicycle could be used for recreation, transportation and even touring, it is now an expensive, disposable and fragile tool for the specialized discipline of bicycle road racing. The deep pockets of the sponsors of professional teams finance ultra-light bicycles built with exotic materials that are meant to be replaced completely if they are damaged.

EarleWheels is a part of the movement to bring produce high-end bicycles that are fast, comfortable and practical for the vast majority of serious bicycle riders who are not serious competitors. Earle Wheels produces wheels that are designed for decades of real world riding. Traditional hand-spoked wheels offer a lot of advantages to people who ride a lot but do not have a professional mechanic paid for by their sponsor. They will bend before they break. They can be repaired by a proficient home mechanic. And they can be fully restored for less than the price of a new wheel. In addition to providing these traditional wheels, Earle Wheels offers custom services for classic bike collectors. 

Because I am passionate about promoting and preserving the craft of wheelbuilding, I also teach classes. I will be posting details soon.